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Early 🌅  — July 11, 2017

Early 🌅 

Today I woke at three to get a plane. Waking up this early is always hard and means your very tired for to the rest of the day. 

In this sleepy state thinking and having normal conversations may be a little tricky (I know it is for me!) So mainly I use this time for self  evaluation. I look at who I am now and where I want to be. I also look back at who I was maybe two years ago. This helps me to see the progress I make. I alway hope to make more progress each day because I want to be a good, friendly person. Who doesn’t? 

Packing — July 9, 2017


Packing for your holiday can be exciting and stressful and chaotic, but between the clothes and travel guides people forget what they really need.

A sense of adventure – an open mind to try something new and out of your comfort zone. Your everyday life be it in an office or school doesn’t usually stretch your limits. Be adventurous.

Bravery – a desire for adventure is great but bravery is the trigger. It will allow you do jump off a cliff or out of a plane. To try a new food that looks strange. But it’s also the final push, you may look back thinking it was easy but without bravery you will never know. 

Curiosity – They say “Curiosity killed the cat”. They fail to mention that beforehand their life was magical always filled with new and exciting things and places. You could live forever but have a dull existence or you could live life to the full and appreciate new experiences and places.

Friends — July 8, 2017


In the holidays the weather is so nice and sunny. This makes it a great opportunity to spend time with your friends and family. The photo is me and my friends celebrating the end of the school year.

 Although school is out I feel that I should not waste the entire Summer just lazing around so I will be doing some work and reading just to keep my mind active over the next few weeks. It is important that I relax but also that I don’t become lazy. If you don’t get many days off make sure your spend them relaxing and giving yourself your well deserved rest. 

Lacey xoxo 

Hello!  — July 7, 2017


Welcome to my blog! This is very new to me so bare with me! 😝 I created an Instagram account a while ago to put on public but I am not the most talented photographer. So this is my first shot! I don’t particularly know what the blog is going to be about so I am hoping to develop a theme as I go! 

Lacey xx