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Gun Laws — February 17, 2018

Gun Laws

Here is another short story I wrote, before the most recent shooting. Any feedback would be super helpful.
x Lacey

Gun laws

Every Monday morning I would flick through diary praying I didn’t have to sit through another assembly, but trust me when I say assembly wasn’t even the worst part of my Monday. Mondays are the fucking worst, the weekend was over and my social life had to step aside so my studies could take over. The sky was grey, the streets were grey and everyone was grey. “Welcome to Britain, the weather sucks!”. I moped into school. Mondays might have been better for me if I had good lessons, but I didn’t. They all sucked. I mean all lessons suck but these particularly sucked. Double maths at 8am on a Monday. Uhhhh.
The girls were all lying around the common room as I walked in. Some asleep, but none awake. Scattered in between folders books and bags. Stuffing my dented and broken folders into my bag I joined them. Soon the teacher walked in, cheery?. If I didn’t know her I would say she was high on something not necessarily legal. LOL. She scolded us until we moved our ass’. The common room rolled it’s eyes. We all groaned. No one enjoys assembly, they should just cancel it. Putting on my straight jacket, oh sorry I meant blazer, I dragged by feet along the rough tarmac. Small stones flicked up into the watery air.
Shuffling in between the plastic pews, I sat down. The chairs screeched across the floor as people sat down and shuffled about. Checked my phone for no apparent reason, then found a mundane spot to stare at while I zoned out. Almost asleep, but not really, sports reports and announcements weren’t exactly the ideal lullaby. Blah, blah, blah, assembly dragged on and on. It was infinite; well thought it was.
AHHHHHH. Screams erupted from the back of the hall. Bang. Bang. Bang. Was that a gun? It was definitely a gun. There was running but the small doorway was preventing escape. My heart was about to explode without being shot. I had no idea what to do. Scream? Scream. But who was going to help? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. someone help me. I don’t was to die. No one wants to die. What to do? Fight or flight? Well ain’t going to fight someone with a gun unarmed. Fight? Not at this rate. The crowds were slow but hurried. So many fucking people. Shit. That was me. Was it me? I didn’t know anymore as all became dark.

Education — February 16, 2018


The education system in both the US and the UK rely heavily on exams. Exams suck. As someone who does well in exam conditions all goes well for me, but not for the majority of people. I have a scholarship that is not based on intellect or IQ or being a good person, it’s based off exams. That’s all schools really want is a thousand copies of people who do well in exam conditions. The education system does not value being a good person.

This is why I am an asshole. That’s the simple way of putting it. All my life its not peoples feelings or basic humans rights that mattered its my percentage or grade. This causes some issues, when in a couple years times and I have long finished my 20 or so years of being told how to do exams, the skills I learned repeatedly will be useless. I won’t necessarily have the skills for my job and I won’t be a good person. This means the education system is very, very broken.

Value as a human is generally judged by two things; your work place productivity and your humanity. So if the education system is failing us on both these fronts, what is the point? Day care for children? To keep us out of trouble?


x Lacey

Short Story — February 15, 2018

Short Story

This was a short story I wrote for my class, but thought others may also enjoy it:

“You know I am not so sure about this anymore”
“The relationship or being a criminal” Both. But I wasn’t going to say that to Caspian. He got me where I am now, I may not enjoy it but it was certainly better than before.

I was about 16, maybe older. My parents were out of the picture. I was living in a doorway a couple towns away from my childhood home. When I was younger escape had been my only wish. Then it happened. I had no cares, around $100 and few morals. The homeless community soon engulfed me. I had friends that understood me and many which had been in similar situations. It was comforting, in its own weird way. I was lucky Caspian picked me up, who knows what substance I could be on if he hadn’t.

I was now a sofa surfer. It was some kind of endearing title, but equally a bad label. Caspian worked at a dodgy record store. I am certain they didn’t just sell records, maybe drugs or illegal weapons or both. I hated not being able to return Caspian for all he had done. Set me up in his apartment, if you could call it that, helped me get back on my feet. It was not long before we were more than just friends, no longer was I a sofa surfer. I had a partner, and more importantly a bed.

That’s when the law dissolved beneath me. The structure that I had been indoctrinated to believe helped me. It started small, a donkey for drugs, ferrying them around the city. Caspian would introduce me to the producer and I would take it – usually by foot, sometimes by bike – to the seller. The pay was good; enough to keep us afloat, but still considerably below the poverty line. Most days the water damaged table was empty save for a few food stamps or loose change.

The dark path I had been so afraid to go down soon caught up to me. Murder. I remember the date so clearly. March 20 2017. It was a robbery, supposed robbery. Caspian had managed to get us a job. I thought it was good news until I saw the ‘accessories’. Handguns and some ammo. I daren’t ask where they were from. A small gas station, take the money and the fags. Two balaclavas later we were inside guns threatening. I wasn’t going to shoot, until they pulled out a big gun. I wasn’t scared, more taking a precaution.

Now I am sitting on my old bed, the scruffy brown sofa. I fiddle with the trigger. So small, but it has changed me, couldn’t tell you how though, almost a form of darkness. Caspian comes towards me. Sits, and motions for me to rest my head in his lap. “You know I am not so sure about this anymore” I queried, somewhat with myself somewhat with him. “The relationship or being a criminal”.


x Lacey

Hello — February 14, 2018


Hello, my name is Lacey. Well it’s not actually Lacey but on this blog it will be Lacey so I can be anonymous.

A blog feels so odd to a Gen-Z, but I feel should still be relevant. I am writing this blog as a sort of diary, somewhere to log my everyday experiences. Not really anything that is too important to anyone. I hope it will be relatable and inspire others to blog.  To be honest I don’t know how long I will keep the blog, knowing my maybe a week or so.